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Sharrif Floyd's High School Coach Hints At North Carolina Recruitment As Ineligibility Reason

Palm Beach Post scribe Jason Lieser makes a call to Sharrif Floyd's high school coach, Ron Cohen of GeorgeWashington High School in Philadelphia, and comes up with the best hint yet about why Floyd didn't see the field in Florida's opener against Florida Atlantic:

"I don’t know what the allegations are," Cohen said. "I assume it has to do with when he was in high school, with recruitment, but I really don’t know. The NCAA wouldn’t tell me what any of it was about."

Floyd was recruited by North Carolina, among other teams, in 2009-2010, and his recruitment was handled by defensive line coach John Blake. Blake essentially served as a runner for an agent and helped Tar Heels secure impermissible benefits; he resigned as a result of that scandal, which eventually led to the firing of UNC coach Butch Davis.

Cohen also explained that Floyd didn't know about his ineligibility until Saturday, and that the NCAA inquired about a bake sale Floyd's high school put on to help provide for his transportation to scouting combines and schools during his recruitment. It's very unlikely that's the source of Floyd's ineligibility, because that bake sale occurred over 18 months ago and was well-publicized, but it did produce a golden quote from Cohen: "If it’s about selling cookies, I mean, that’s ludicrous."

My earlier guesses neglected to mention the possibility that Floyd could be temporarily or permanently ineligible because of recruitment to other schools. Oops.