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Florida Gators Ranked #18 In AP and Coaches Polls After Defeating Florida Atlantic

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The Florida Gators moved up four spots to #18 in the Associated Press Poll by virtue of their 41-3 victory over Florida Atlantic this past Saturday. There were some losses by other teams ahead of them that certainly helped out as well. I still maintain that the AP Poll is irrelevant in that it has no bearing on who wins the National Championship that matters, the BCS.

Elsewhere, the Gators moved up five spots to #18 in the USA Today/Coaches Poll. This is the poll that matters as it is highly relevant to the BCS and the National Championship.

For those who are interested:

  • Alabama is #3 (AP) and #2 (Coaches)
  • LSU is #2 (AP) and #3 (Coaches)
  • Florida State is #5 (AP) and #4 (Coaches)
  • South Carolina is #12 in both polls
  • Arkansas is #14 (AP) and #13 (Coaches)
  • Mississippi State is #17 (AP) and #18 (Coaches)
  • Auburn is #22 (Coaches) and unranked in the AP.

Georgia dropped out of the polls. Georgia however, along with Tennessee, are in the "others receiving votes" category in both polls.