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Alligator Army Week 2 BlogPoll Draft Ballot

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Yes, I think the Boise State Broncos are the best team in America this week.

My methodology for this in the early going is fuzzier than, say, Black Heart Gold Pants': I don't think 60 minutes of football is a large sample size, but I also don't think scoring margin is the best way to do resume voting after one week. BHGP is admirably faithful to their idea; I'm going to try to be faithful to mine, which is an attempt to rank the top 25 college football teams in order of which I think would win more often at a neutral site.

Boise State pips LSU this week because the Broncos showed more in decimating Georgia in Atlanta than the Tigers did in capitalizing on Oregon's miscues in Dallas; both are solidly in my top two because they cut their teeth against teams with more talent (note: not necessarily better teams) in non-home openers.

There's plenty more for you all to discuss, and I'll be submitting my final ballot just before the 9 a.m. Wednesday deadline, so feel free to tell me what changes I should make. (No, Notre Dame, you are not allowed back in.)