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Erik Murphy Cleared To Return To Florida Basketball By Billy Donovan

Erik Murphy will play for Florida basketball this fall. That's the news out of Billy Donovan today, who issued this statement on the player who was arrested for an incident at a St. Augustine bar this spring (via Gatorzone):

"Erik Murphy has served his punishment. We’re all disappointed with what transpired, but there’s no question Erik has learned a great deal through the whole process and understands what a great opportunity and privilege it is to play college basketball.’’

Murphy and fellow Florida basketball player Cody Larson were arrested in April and charged with burglary after attempting to break into a car in the parking lot of a St. Augustine bar. After being immediately suspended, enduring the release of some unflattering audio, and having his charges reduced, Murphy received deferred prosecution in July, and escaped jail time.

That was a good sign that Murphy would be able to rejoin the Florida basketball team this fall; today's news is merely official confirmation. Larson's status, however, remains a mystery, as he appears likely to have more serious consequences stemming from a high school arrest in South Dakota.