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Florida Expected To Name Brent Pease Offensive Coordinator, According To Report's Bob Redman is reporting that Florida has found its next offensive coordinator. Redman, citing sources, says that Brent Pease is expected to be named Florida's offensive coordinator "in the very near future," leaving the Boise State family he has been a part of since 2006 and the Broncos offense he was in charge of as the offensive coordinator under Chris Petersen in 2010 to run Will Muschamp's offense at Florida.

We heard this story, sort of, on Friday, when the Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley kinda sorta said that Pease was Florida's man, but other reports over the weekend had Pease deciding between Florida and Alabama.

My guess: If news is leaking now and Pease's supposed meeting with Alabama's Nick Saban was coming on Tuesday, Pease has likely already verbally agreed to a deal with Florida, and the GatorZone staff is writing up its features on him for Tuesday as I type. (Redman writes that it is unlikely Pease will have that meeting.)

If so, I think it's a wonderful hire for Muschamp, and look forward to explaining why to all of you — and I'll point out that Florida beat the national champions for something on Monday.