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Leon Orr Arrested For Possession Of Marijuana, Has Really Dumb Twitter Background Picture

In case you thought things were going too well for the Florida football program, defensive tackle Leon Orr was arrested on January 10 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession or use of narcotic equipment, as The Independent Florida Alligator's Matt Watts broke on Thursday. Watts fills in some details from the police report:

The arrest report describes a scene on the night of Jan. 10 in which UPD officer Bradley Roberts searched Orr’s dorm room in building eight of Keys Complex about a half hour before midnight. During the search, which Orr consented to, Roberts found a "baggy of a green leafy substance, a glass pipe and rolling papers" on Orr’s desk and bedside table.

The substance was tested and confirmed to be marijuana. After being read his rights, Orr admitted to ownership of the marijuana, pipe and papers, according to the report.

Florida spokesman Dan Apple said in a statement that Will Muschamp "is aware of the incident and has handled the matter."

In case previous coverage of Florida arrests here hasn't already convinced you of this: Those who are arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and college kids who are dumb enough to get arrested are presumed to be dumb kids making relatively harmless mistakes.

Orr tweeting that he made one and has learned from it is a good sign. Orr using a picture of himself wearing a pro-pot t-shirt as his Twitter background is less promising.