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Chomping At Bits: Chip Kelly Pulls A Billy Donovan, Florida Has Great Recruiting Weekend

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Chip Kelly is Billy Donovan 2.0: Look, I realize that Donovan was actually introduced as the Orlando Magic's head coach and spent more than a couple of hours as the franchise's head coach, while there was never any official word that Kelly was the next Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, but the parallels are so tidy — Kelly is beloved and gets credit for building a championship contender, like Donovan; both were fleeing to Florida pro franchises at fairly inopportune times for the teams they were leaving; both will likely end up with huge raises that include massive buyout clauses if they are to bolt for the pros — that I'm pretty comfortable with the comparison. (Brian Floyd and Joel Thorman, SB Nation)

Recapping Florida's recruiting weekend: You're not going to get better info at a free site, but beyond the two Florida commitments from Saturday (Bryan Cox, Jr. and Adam Lane), it seems like Alex McCalister will commit to Florida today, and that the Gators are in good shape with Stefon Diggs and Nelson Agholor. That's a successful weekend. (Zach Abolverdi, Gator Prospectus/Gainesville Sun)

Gators take tough road loss: Florida's women's basketball team is likely going to be a bubble team for the 2012 NCAA Tournament, and losses like the 57-52 one the Gators suffered on the road at No. 6 Kentucky on Sunday won't help their standing. On the bright side: Florida can get 57-52 losses on the road at the nation's No. 6 team. (GatorZone)

Jeremy Postin sets school record in weight throw: I have no idea what the weight throw is, I'll be honest. Is it a hammer throw without a hammer? (GatorZone)

Five Gators could get Super Bowl rings: At least one will. (@onlygators)

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As you may have noticed, Chomping At Bits has been sporadic at best in the last few weeks, as I've been working more weekends over at good ol' and getting into the swing of things with my semester. I regret that, because I think a link dump is an integral part of what can make Alligator Army great: We talk about the news of the day here, and I and others try to pass along interesting, important stuff in CAB with our own spin on it.

I enjoy writing it, too, especially when I get the time to do both some of the shorter, snarkier things you see up there and the longer paragraphs of stuff like the Donovan/Kelly comparison; they make for good discussion topics, if nothing else, often allow me to give you a quick take on what's going on, and are quick digests of what's going on in Gator Nation.

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