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Chomping At Bits: Muschamp And Gators Plan To Rebuild Quickly

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Muschamp moving forward: I'd much rather see the word "reload" instead of "rebuild" because rebuilding takes a lot more time and effort. Plus, reloading is a lot more fun. (Matt Watts, Miami Herald)

Is the ESPN deal hurting the SEC?: I still don't think that every game being on TV or streamed online is a bad thing. But yes, I wish there were some improvements. (David Jones, Florida Today)

Tim Tebow anti-Christian?: Yeah, I'm not seeing it. Looks like it is just Bianchi stirring the pot again. (Mike Bianchi, Open Mike/Orlando Sentinel)

Spread offense and the SEC: SB Nation's Texas A&M blog figures out that hey, with the right players, the spread offense can work. Gators fans realized this is 2006. But it's okay, they're new to the party. (Beergut, I am the 12th Man)

Chandler Parsons making an impact in Houston: In his last ten starts, the Rockets have eight wins. He's averaging 6.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. Not bad at all. (Rachel George, Orlando Sentinel)

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