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Florida vs. LSU: Reviewing our 25 predictions

Remember when I predicted that Jeff Driskel would account for two touchdowns against LSU?

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

Five days after Florida's win over LSU, we look back at what we thought would happen!

  • Jeff Driskel will lead Florida to at least six first quarter points.
    Wrong. The Gators didn't score until the second half.
  • Driskel will be responsible for a play of at least 40 yards in the game.
    Wrong. Florida didn't have a play longer than Driskel's run for 17 yards, though.
  • Driskel will be responsible for at least two touchdowns.
    Wrong. Nope.
  • Mike Gillislee will run for at least 70 yards.
    Right. Gilly more than doubled that number, tallying 146 rushing yards, two short of his career high.
  • Gillislee will average under five yards per carry.
    Right. It took him 34 carries to get his yards, and he finished with a 4.3 yards per carry average, his worst per-game average when getting double-digit carries and his worst when getting six or more carries since facing LSU in 2010.
  • Florida's leading receiver will not be Jordan Reed.
    Wrong. Reed led Florida in both receptions and receiving yardage.
  • Florida will have at least one passing touchdown in the game.
    Wrong. Florida had zero passing touchdowns.
  • Frankie Hammond, Jr. will make at least one big play.
    Wrong. Hammond had one catch for -3 yards, and fumbled on it, and I'm not gonna call that a "big play," even though it was one for LSU.
  • Florida will commit at least one offensive turnover.
    Right. Hammond and Driskel both fumbled.
  • Gary Danielson will say something so annoying that someone will yell at him in the comments of this thread.
    Right. I still haven't watched the entire game back, but he apparently said something about Gillislee not being able to carry Florida at the beginning of the second half, which is hilarious.
  • Florida's defensive line will make its presence felt in the first quarter.
    Right. After giving up a field goal on the opening drive, the Gators forced two consecutive three-and-outs in the first quarter.
  • Dominique Easley will record at least two tackles for loss and sacks combined.
    Wrong. In fact, GatorZone's box score lists him with no tackles whatsoever.
  • Lerentee McCray will record at least one sack.
    Right. McCray broke through on the second defensive series.
  • Florida's linebacking corps will not be substantially boosted by Jelani Jenkins' return.
    Wrong. Jenkins was listed with zero tackles, but did block two Tigers by throwing himself headlong into them on Jaylen Watkins' interception.
  • Florida will struggle with LSU's running game; the Tigers will rush for at least 120 yards.
    Wrong. So, so, so very wrong: Florida allowed 42 rushing yards, and just 1.7 yards per carry.
  • The Florida secondary will play well, but be responsible for at least two penalties.
    Right. Louchiez Purifoy and Matt Elam were both flagged for penalties on the first drive of the second half, but with two forced turnovers and just one deep pass allowed, there's no way the secondary's play can be judged as bad.
  • A Florida defensive back will record an interception.
    Right. Thank you, Jaylen Watkins.
  • Florida will hold LSU under 40 percent on third-down conversions.
    Right. If not for a screen pass that gained 20 yards on third and 18 on LSU's penultimate possession, Florida would have blanked the Tigers on third down. As it was, Florida allowed one conversion on 13 attempts, its best third-down performance since notching the same numbers in 2011 against Auburn.
  • Florida will yield no more than four red-zone possessions.
    Right. Florida allowed two to LSU: The first came on the first drive of the game, and turned into a red zone possession after LSU got to the Florida 19 on third and 10, making the only snap of that drive within the red zone a field goal attempt; the second came on Driskel's fumble. On three non-kick snaps on that drive, Florida gave up three yards.
  • Caleb Sturgis will make at least one field goal.
    Wrong. This was the first time Caleb Sturgis has not made a field goal since Florida's game against Florida State in 2011.
  • Andre Debose will not return more than three kicks/punts combined.
    Right. Debose returned three kicks, but fair caught a number of punts, and is credited with just three returns in the official box score.
  • Kyle Christy will have at least one punt net more than 50 yards.
    Right. Christy's first two punts netted 51 and 61 yards, respectively.
  • Florida will trail in both halves.
    Right. A halftime deficit was a good way to make this happen.
  • Florida will win, 27-23.
    Wrong. I was not even close on the score.
  • I'm going to have a lot of fun singing "We Are The Boys," no matter what.
    Right. Hell yes, I did.
  • Last Week: 14-for-25, 56 percent.

    Season To Date: 63-for-125, 50.4 percent.