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Florida vs. Vanderbilt: Reviewing our 25 predictions

This was not a particularly good week for forecasting what Florida would do.

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

25 predictions for Florida's final SEC road game of the season.

  • Jeff Driskel will throw for at least 200 yards.
    Wrong. LOL NOPE.
  • Driskel will attempt at least 10 passes in the first half.
    Right. Driskel threw 17 passes in the first half.
  • Driskel will throw fewer than two touchdown passes.
    Right. Driskel threw zero touchdown passes.
  • Mike Gillislee will have a run of at least 25 yards.
    Wrong. Gillislee's long run was for 15 yards.
  • Gillislee will run for more than 85 yards in the game.
    Wrong. Gilly tallied 69 yards...
  • Gillislee will run for at least five yards per carry.
    Wrong. ...on 17 carries, averaging 3.9 yards per carry.
  • Jordan Reed will be Florida's leading receiver in terms of catches.
    Right. Reed and Gillislee (who had two catches entering the game) tied for the team lead with two catches. Also: Reed missed much of the game with an eye injury.
  • Quinton Dunbar will be Florida's leading receiver in terms of yardage.
    Right. Good ol' Q, leading the Gators with 21 receiving yards.
  • Andre Debose will record a catch.
    Wrong. I tried.
  • Latroy Pittman and Raphael Andrades will combine for at least one catch.
    Right. Andrades made the second catch of his Florida career, one for five yards. Pittman did not record a reception.
  • Florida will have at least two drives of more than eight plays.
    Right. Florida had drives of 12 and 11 plays.
  • Florida's defense will force at least three punts in the first half.
    Right. Florida forced four first half punts.
  • Florida defensive linemen (including Buck players) will record at least two sacks.
    Wrong. No defensive linemen recorded sacks.
  • Sharrif Floyd will record a sack.
    Wrong. Sigh.
  • Jon Bostic will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Antonio Morrison, of all people, led the Gators.
  • A Florida linebacker will force a fumble.
    Right. Bostic got credit for a strip-sack in the second half.
  • Matt Elam will make at least one big play.
    Wrong. Elam was second on the team with seven tackles, but had none for loss and no sacks, and did not record a pass breakup.
  • Florida's defense will force at least two turnovers.
    Wrong. I was so close to this being right, too.
  • Florida's defense will allow fewer than six yards per pass attempt.
    Wrong. Vanderbilt averaged 7.6 yards per pass attempt. Take away the bomb to Chris Boyd in the first half, and Vandy would have had 200 passing yards on 30 attempts.
  • The Gators will allow fewer than 10 points in the first half.
    Right. Florida allowed seven points in the first half.
  • Florida will allow at least three points in the second half.
    Right. Florida allowed 10 points in the second half, all in the fourth quarter.
  • Florida will not trail in the game.
    Wrong. Florida trailed 7-0, and never again.
  • The Gators will win the time of possession battle.
    Wrong. Vandy won it handily, possessing the ball for 33:10.
  • Florida will cover the 8.5-point spread.
    Right. Florida won by 14.
  • Florida will win, 31-10.
    Wrong. But close.
  • This Week: 11-for-25, 44 percent.

    Season To Date: 74-for-150, 49.3 percent.