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BlogPoll draft ballot, Week 8: Alabama's back to No. 1

Alabama's dominant performance in the rain at Missouri has the Crimson Tide back atop one BlogPoll ballot. (It's ours.) (Sigh.)

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Do I feel dirty about moving Alabama past Florida to the No. 1 spot in my BlogPoll ballot? Absolutely. But the Tide crushed Missouri in the driving rain on Saturday, and would probably have won by a far more lopsided margin than 42-10 had lightning not interrupted the first half and abbreviated halftime — as it was, Mizzou's only touchdown came on a kick return.

More thoughts:

  • Kansas State's the third-best team in the country if you think wins over Oklahoma and Iowa State on the road are more impressive than wins over Arizona and Washington at home. I happen to think that.
  • I don't like having Oregon State ahead of those one-loss teams, but the Beavers find ways to win that LSU, South Carolina, and others haven't.
  • Florida State's probably too high. I think I overcompensated by trying to make room between the 'Noles and Clemson.
  • I could make an argument for Oklahoma being ahead of LSU and South Carolina, I think, but the Sooners' loss is worse than either of those SEC road losses and the Texas defense is hot garbage.
  • Speaking of defenses that are hot garbage: Goodness, Ohio State. 49 points to Indiana?
  • I definitely put Louisiana Tech in here despite its loss because that's a good team. It's okay to reward good teams for playing well but not quite well enough against good teams! (I may have put the Bulldogs too high, though.)
  • That final three: Yeah, whatever, who cares?

Can you see any glaring errors? Got any arguments to make? Let me know in the comments.