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Video: Ryan Lochte picks Auburn to win LSU-Texas A&M, Lee Corso holds albino gator

The picks portion of College GameDay was definitely entertaining this Saturday.

College GameDay coming to Gainesville and Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte maintaining his Gainesville residence made Lochte serving as the celebrity picker for Saturday's GameDay picks segment a logical match.

And then Lochte picked Auburn to win a game between Texas A&M and LSU. Really. Here's the video:

Lochte's various crimes against the English language are fairly well-documented, but, in the University of Florida's defense, his degree was in Sports Management, and you only have to take Intro to Public Speaking or Effective Oral Communication to get that degree.

To finish the segment, Lochte, Kirk Herbstreit, and Lee Corso all picked Florida, with Corso donning Albert's head and holding up a baby albino gator. And it appears to really be an albino — a leucistic alligator, like the ones Gatorland has, has blue eyes, but this one's eyes were white.

Having GameDay back in Gainesville is nice, huh?