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Audio: Will Muschamp booms about refs, or "THE ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD"

Will Muschamp is not known for concealing his rage. He vented some spleen about officials at halftime of Florida's win over South Carolina.


The officiating in Florida's 44-11 win over South Carolina was not exactly great. A flag was thrown on a clearly uncatchable pass, there was a roughing the snapper penalty (I dunno, man), and a few more calls would go against Florida early on. This left Will Muschamp a bit displeased with the officials at halftime.

In a halftime interview with Brady Ackerman of the Gator Radio Network, he let his thoughts be known loud and clear (click to hear audio):

Ackerman: "All right, I got Coach ... (Muschamp yelling at refs) wait, he's talking with the officials, I'll get to him in just a second. Coach, great job with turnovers, and, obviously, special teams."

Muschamp: "Well, we just gotta continue to capitalize on what we're doin', and OVERCOME THE ADVERSITY ON THE FIELD!"

Ackerman: "All right, Coach, good luck in the second half. Back up to you guys."

Nat Moore: (laughter) "Oh, I love what I just heard. That just sent chills down my spine, and Coach is fired up."

Mick Hubert: "Not sure I could've said it any better. Halftime score, Florida 21 and South Carolina 6."

This is what it looked like on TV:


And here's that GIF synced to the audio:

Credit to Ackerman for somehow keeping his composure for the entirety of that interview, and to Hubert for delivering the best possible line. But, of course, the biggest tip of the cap goes to the guy who just gave Florida fans a slogan by breathing new life into a timeless phrase for bad officiating.

Coach Boom is ours and you can't have him.