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Video: Highlights of Florida's 44-11 win over South Carolina

Special teams and defense gave Florida's offense many chances against South Carolina, and the Gators took advantage of them to bury another SEC East squad. Watch it all here.

Chris Trotman

It's another Monday after a Florida win, so we're starting it with video highlights, and Florida's 44-11 victory over South Carolina provided plenty of them.

There are some bad words in this video, but whatever.

This video has a black screen with white text that will probably make you laugh.

Now here's the real treat: Someone has already cleaved out all the special teams, defensive, and offensive snaps, and put those three videos together. I love YouTube.

That's special teams.

This is defense. (And lordy, lordy, that first Matt Elam tackle.)

And this is a compilation of the efficient, unspectacular offense. Florida going six-for-six on TDs in the red zone against South Carolina as if the 'Cocks were Kentucky is some incredible work, the more I think about it.

Some Jeff Driskel highlights.

The best-titled video I found.

The first touchdown from the stands. (There doesn't appear to be any stands-level reaction to the strip on the first play, which is a shame, because the place went bananas.)

Here's "Two Bits."

247Sports' Luke Stampini got some good video of the Gator Walk.

And here's the Gator Fight Song.