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Florida vs. South Carolina: Reviewing 25 predictions, getting proved right by defense

Florida's offense didn't live up to expectations against South Carolina, but the defense sure did.


25 predictions for Florida's most important game of the season. Until next week.

  1. Florida will score in the first quarter.
    Right. Pretty sure I've never had a scoring prediction come true faster.
  2. Jeff Driskel will account for at least two touchdowns.
    Right. Four through the air is a new career-high for the signal-caller.
  3. Driskel will throw for more than 138 yards, his total from the last two games.
    Wrong. And, really, what were the odds that I would get No. 2 right and No. 3 wrong here?
  4. Driskel will have a rush of more than 10 yards.
    Right. Driskel ran for 12 yards, the longest Florida rushing gain of the day that wasn't by Solomon Patton on a sweep.
  5. Mike Gillislee will rush for at least 80 yards.
    Wrong. Gilly only got to 49.
  6. Gillislee will score at least one touchdown.
    Wrong. Florida couldn't punch it in on Gilly's goal-to-go attempts.
  7. Gillislee will average between four and five yards per carry.
    Wrong. Not even close: Gilly averaged under two yards per rushing attempt.
  8. Jordan Reed will lead Florida in catches.
    Right. Four, right in his range.
  9. Frankie Hammond will lead Florida in receiving yardage.
    Wrong. Reed again.
  10. A Florida wide receiver will make a touchdown catch.
    Right. Quinton Dunbar saved me early; Hammond saved me late.
  11. Florida will lead at halftime.
    Right. Florida leading 21-6 at halftime was not something I predicted.
  12. Jonathan Bullard will start, not Dominique Easley.
    Wrong. Easley started and looked great.
  13. Bullard will record a sack.
    Wrong. The one week I decide Bullard's worth a prediction and Fowler isn't, Fowler looks like an all-SEC performer.
  14. Lerentee McCray will also record a sack.
    Wrong. The only defensive stat McCray recorded was the fumble recovery in the first half.
  15. Sharrif Floyd will record at least two tackles for loss and sacks combined.
    Wrong. Floyd had just one TFL, and no sacks.
  16. Jelani Jenkins will finish with fewer than five tackles.
    Right. Jenkins finished with four tackles, one a sack for a loss of four yards.
  17. Jon Bostic will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Josh Evans had seven tackles to lead the Gators.
  18. Matt Elam will force a turnover.
    Wrong. Silly me: I should have guessed Trey Burton would.
  19. Marcus Roberson will give up at least one play that you will want to react to with "MARCUSSSSSSSSS."
    Wrong. He came close, though.
  20. Florida will limit Marcus Lattimore to fewer than 60 yards on the ground.
    Right. Lattimore had 13 yards on three carries.
  21. Ace Sanders will not have a punt return of more than 20 yards.
    Right. Sanders' long was a five-yard return.
  22. Neither team will gain more than 400 total yards of offense.
    Right. Neither team got to 200 yards of total offense.
  23. Florida's defense will allow fewer than five yards per play in the game.
    Right. 2.9 yards per play for the 'Cocks in this one.
  24. Florida's defense will give up fewer than 20 points in the game.
    Right. Technically, Florida's defense only gave up nine, because Florida's special teams gave up the two-pointer that we're all gonna forget because it doesn't go with the "OMG SO SPECIAL TEAMS" narrative, right? Good.
  25. Florida will win, 24-13.
    Wrong. I had two of the digits right, though.

This Week: 12-for-25, 48 percent. Season To Date: 86-for-175, 49.1 percent.