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Florida vs. Georgia, History Lessons: Statistical trends from the last 10 Florida-Georgia games

Which trends matter when an SEC East championship is on the line?

Sam Greenwood

In big games, coaches, players, and fans will often point to particular statistics they believe will assist in victory. Some are proven, like turnover margin. Some are merely assumed, like the number of penalties or who makes the big play. So, as a little primer for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, here are 10 statistical tendencies from the past 10 Florida-Georgia games.

1. The team with the most rushing yards has won the last six meetings.

However, the team with fewer rushing yards won each game from 2002 to 2005.

2. The team who scores first is 8-2.

Even if those points are just a field goal.

3. The team leading at halftime is 8-1.

The 2003 game was tied at half.

4. The team who forces the most turnovers is 6-3.

But when a team is +2 or better in turnover margin, they are 4-0. Furthermore, Florida is +14 in turnover margin in the past 10 meetings.

5. The team who commits the fewest penalties is only 4-6.

However, if that team is Florida, they are 1-0. (Note: Florida has had fewer penalties than Georgia in this game once in the last 10 years.)

6. The team with the biggest offensive play is 4-6.

Only twice has that play been a run.

7. Georgia is 1-1 when using dramatic motivational techniques to pump up their players

See: field rush, 2007; Valdosta State uniforms in 2009

8. The current UGA Dawg (IX) is 1-0 vs. Florida.

UGA IX is 20-10 overall as a mascot.

9. Under Will Muschamp, Florida is 6-1 when they block a kick.

The only loss coming last year against LSU.

10. The team with the most sacks is 8-2.

Florida has won every game in which they have recorded the most sacks.

Bonus Tendency! Florida is 7-0 this season when they step on the field.

This statistic has been proven to bear little impact once the game begins. I just enjoy being undefeated.

Go forth to thine tailgate and spread this incredible knowledge, and may it hold you in comfort or terror throughout the game. I'm sure you could even win a couple of bets with fine information such as this.

Let the Cocktail Party begin! Also, welcome Matt Ragland to our staff; he'll be contributing once or twice a week after his fine FanPost on Brent Pease's offense.