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Florida vs. LSU: Oregon's Carson York discusses offensive line play

Florida and LSU each have tough defensive lines and iffy offensive lines. Does either team have a chance of stopping the rush? Oregon's Carson York tackles the topic.

Harry How - Getty Images

Florida's Saturday showdown against LSU may come down to offensive line play, like many games in the SEC do. And who knows better about offensive line play than actual offensive linemen? That's why SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein and Oregon guard Carson York are going to have a chat at 3:00 p.m. to discuss Florida-LSU, and especially the offensive line.

You can watch the live show with Rubenstein and York right there in that player, and you can submit questions down below in the comments or at the YouTube link — York, who is a redshirt senior and had his season ended in Oregon's first week, can comment on everything except the outcome, because the NCAA tends not to like student-athletes speculating on the outcome of NCAA athletic contests.

So fire up that stream, and join me in peppering York (who is also on Twitter) with questions about the line, not the line.