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Florida vs. Georgia: Reviewing 25 predictions and crying

Screw you for killing my average and the Gators, Georgia. Salt in the wound.


Reviewing our 25 predictions for Florida's game against Georgia in Jacksonville.

  1. Florida will score in the first quarter.
    Wrong. Florida's horrific first quarter found the Gators down 7-0 in short order, a lead that lasted into the second quarter.
  2. Florida will force more than one punt in the first quarter.
    Wrong. Florida forced just one punt in the quarter, though the Gators did pick off a pass.
  3. Jeff Driskel will throw for at least one touchdown.
    Wrong. No.
  4. Driskel will throw for more than 175 yards.
    Right. Somehow.
  5. Driskel will have a rush of more than 10 yards.
    Right. Driskel had a 20-yard run in the fourth quarter.
  6. Mike Gillislee will rush for at least 100 yards.
    Wrong. Gillislee finished with 77 rushing yards.
  7. Gillislee will score at least one touchdown.
    Wrong. Gillislee didn't get in the end zone.
  8. Gillislee will average between four and five yards per carry.
    Wrong. Gilly missed four yards per carry on the low end.
  9. Jordan Reed will lead Florida in catches.
    Right. Reed had five on the day.
  10. Reed will also lead Florida in receiving yardage.
    Right. Reed had 74 receiving yards.
  11. A Florida wide receiver will make a touchdown catch.
    Wrong. Why the hell did I predict this?
  12. Florida's offense will allow fewer than four sacks.
    Wrong. Driskel was sacked five times.
  13. Florida will lead at halftime.
    Wrong. The cruelest miss of any of these; all Driskel has to do is take a sack or throw the ball away instead of trying to throw across his body into traffic in the end zone and I'm right.
  14. Dante Fowler will record a sack.
    Wrong. Fowler did, however, get pulled down on a hold that basically prevented a sack.
  15. Florida's defensive line will be responsible for at least seven combined tackles for loss and sacks.
    Wrong. Three, total.
  16. Jon Bostic will make a big play.
    Wrong. No TFLs, no sacks, no plays in the passing game.
  17. Antonio Morrison will have more than three tackles.
    Wrong. Morrison had just two tackles despite Jelani Jenkins' absence for much of the game.
  18. A Florida defensive back will force a fumble or make an interception.
    Right. Florida defensive backs had three interceptions, because Aaron Murray's an idiot.
  19. Florida's defense will force at least two turnovers.
    Right. Florida got three picks from Murray.
  20. Neither Todd Gurley nor Keith Marshall will rush for over 60 yards.
    Wrong. Marshall was sparingly used, but Gurley ran for 124 yards.
  21. Aaron Murray will commit at least one turnover.
    Right. Easy money.
  22. Florida will make a big play in special teams.
    Wrong. I would count Sturgis' long field goal as a big play if I were feeling cheap here, but there wasn't anything like a return or a fake or a big hit like I was expecting.
  23. Kyle Christy will have a punt of at least 60 yards.
    Wrong. I was counting on the wind and Christy getting to punt more than three times in it. Thanks, turnovers.
  24. Florida's defense will give up fewer than five yards per play in the game.
    Right. Georgia managed 4.6 yards per play.
  25. Florida will win, 31-20.
    Wrong. (sobbing)

This Week: 8-for-25, 32 percent. Season To Date: 94-for-200, 47 percent.