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Florida vs. LSU: Could the Gators wear orange uniforms on Saturday?

All it takes to start a rumor is a tweet.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

Could Florida wear orange uniforms against LSU on Saturday? A tweet from the Florida equipment staff is certainly supposed to put that question in our heads.

The orange uniforms are now throwbacks, and likely going to be seldom used: Florida wore them against LSU in 2010, and it sort of didn't work out, and then wore them again in Will Muschamp's debut as Florida's head coach in the 2011 season opener.

The orange uniforms themselves were sort of relics thought lost to an earlier era before that 2010 game with LSU, but they're now part of Florida's wardrobe, and you can see them hanging in every sports shop on and around campus.

I don't know that I like wearing orange in big games — does it get players extra hyped? — but I know that we're all likely to have very different opinions on this. What's yours?