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Video: Will Muschamp, Florida locker room celebrate victory over LSU

Think Will Muschamp and his Gators were happy after their biggest win of 2012?

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

GatorVision brings us the best video of the 2012 Florida football season so far: Will Muschamp and the Gators celebrating today's 14-6 victory over LSU on the field and in the locker room.

There are great videos and then there are videos so great that they defy even attempting to find a best part. Is it Muschamp running around the field and hugging people immediately after the game ends? Muschamp pseudo-Gator Chomping as he heads to the locker room? Whatever it is that Brian White is doing when we first see the locker room? Someone, maybe Matt Elam, jumping into the camera's view? (It's Chris Johnson, I'm told. The high-top fade is even better in person.) Muschamp's stage dive? Muschamp saying "It was a great TEAM — let me say that word again — TEAM win"? The roar right after the breakdown, which I think comes from Omarius Hines?

Just enjoy it. Enjoy this moment, this weekend. Nothing can ruin this feeling after this game.