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Jeff Driskel can beat LSU, but Florida's star QB can't get served in Gainesville?

Social media is fantastic, especially when Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel is using it to complain about poor service after the Gators' biggest win in years.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

One thing I like about Jeff Driskel is that he seems to get Twitter: he's happy to be on it, but not always on it, and he posts things like pictures of his crew scooting which are generally harmless. But Driskel using Twitter like most New Yorkers do — to blast a restaurant for providing poor service — is just hilarious.

Never mind that Driskel's probably right to complain about not getting food for an hour — even at O!O Garden Grille, which is not exactly quick-service food, and for a Sunday brunch, not exactly the quietest part of the week, an hour is a long time to wait for food: the Gators quarterback who leads LSU to its biggest post-Tim Tebow win can't get served within an hour at a Gainesville restaurant?

Does this story gets funnier if Driskel was with his girlfriend Tarin Moses, who just happens to be Florida's head cheerleader? With his family? Driskel doesn't quite have the fade in his arsenal on the field, but he definitely made sure O!O caught one today.