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Florida vs. LSU: Video, highlights of all sorts from Saturday's win

Not over Florida win over LSU? Neither are we.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

I am not ready to move on from Florida's win over LSU, and so here are a bunch of highlights from the game.

This set's from volcom228369, and the song, which has some naughty words that are unsuitable for work, is Get Money Gang's "Wild Out (Remix)." If you need your football highlights set to guitars, there's a rock version, too.

I would like to point one thing out: At about the 1:00 mark, Jelani Jenkins, who was playing with a massive cast on his arm, lays out to block two Tigers on an interception return. That dude has heart.

The official SEC highlights are boring.

This video makes you sit through about 90 seconds of Florida not winning games against LSU, and also "Love The Way You Lie," which is as bad as it ever was.

Oh, man, the defense. This defense is just so, so good right now. If Matt Elam never plays a game this good again, at least he will have played this game and I will always remember it.

And, finally, Elam tells Odell Beckham to go to sleep.

Of course, the ODB in this game being a Tiger kinda messes with my Wu metaphor, but I'll go with it.