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BlogPoll Draft Ballot: Gators No. 1 after Week 6

Florida's big win over LSU is enough to vault the Gators to No. 1 in at least one BlogPoll voter's mind.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yep, I did it: I put Florida No. 1 on my BlogPoll ballot for Week 6. I reserve the right, as always, to do some rejiggering in the lower levels, and I know I didn't actually mean to drop Texas A&M, but I really like the top five or so: Florida's battle-tested like no other team in college football, and has leapt over every obstacle despite never quite playing a full game to this point.

Alabama's second because the Tide would beat Florida 49 of 100 times, South Carolina's third because the Gamecocks would beat Alabama maybe 45 of 100 times, etc. Louisville probably shouldn't have jumped that high; USC definitely shouldn't have jumped that high. But that's what a draft ballot is for, right?

Let me know what I have wrong in the comments, please.