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Video: Dominique Easley discusses Florida's win, "breaking a man's will"

Dominique Easley is an insane murderbear, but he's Florida insane murderbear, and Gators fans love him for it.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

On a team full of large, determined, hard-hitting human beings, there's no question that Dominique Easley is the most psychopathic Florida Gators defender. But Easley sounding like Bane off the field when talking to reporters like FOX Sports Next's Amy Campbell after Florida's win over LSU makes him a lovable psychopath, one any fan wants on his or her team.

Here's a transcript of that interview:

I mean, the whole game of football to me is about breaking a man's will in front of him. I like seeing people bow down to me, that's my thing. Third quarter, them boys was huffin' and puffin', eyes ... I was lookin' in people's eyes that were scared. So that, that's what we want, we wanna take somebody's will. That's what we like, we like to take people's will. Not just win the game, take their will, make them remember this night.

On whether he knew it was over in the third quarter:

I knew it was over but I knew we still had more business. And we wasn't gonna let off until that clock said zero-zero-zero.

On returning after missing the Kentucky game:

Oh, I made a promise I wasn't gonna miss this game. I made a promise. I don't lose to teams and come back and not win. I don't like that.

On whether the win was gratifying:

It was gratifying when I seen that will, that will get lost. They bent over, they bent over for us.

On an early LSU personal foul:

I knew they had something out for me. Ay, come get me. When I come get you, you better be ready. ("Did that get you going even more?") Yeah. I love when people do that, 'cause I'ma come after you. I'ma come after you the whole game.

The interview with Jonotthan Harrison after that is important, too, because he notes that "We want to be known as a running team," but there's nothing quite like listening to Easley, Florida's insane murderbear, talk about taking wills.