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Florida earns second-most first-place votes, takes No. 5 spot in Week 7 BlogPoll

Florida sits right in between where it sits in the AP and USA TODAY coaches polls in the Week 7 BlogPoll.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

Florida's run to the top five of the fictional National College Football Consensus Rankings continues with the Week 7 BlogPoll. The Gators move up six spots, from No. 11 to No. 5, tying for the second-largest leap of the week with Texas A&M (and falling well short of the 13 spots Iowa State rose after defeating TCU), and earn nine first-place votes, second only to Alabama in that regard.

Here's the breakdown of Florida votes. And here's a section of the BlogPoll breakdown that I am repurposing for obvious reasons:

HOWEVER: Dawg Sports has Alabama No. 8, which just seems mean, and Florida No. 1, which really smells like a reverse jinx.

Other unlikely Florida No. 1 votes come from Florida State blog Tomahawk Nation, Miami blog The 7th Floor, and from SEC blog Team Speed Kills, jointly run by a Florida fan and a South Carolina fan; in a week when their teams each got first-place love, Kansas State blog Bring On The Cats and Notre Dame blog One Foot Down threw their lot in with Florida, too.

Does this all seem a little strange, with Florida getting rewarded by fans who would have the best reasons not to reward it? Yeah. But the beauty of the BlogPoll is that there are a lot of voters who genuinely care about merit, and, on the merits, Florida may have the nation's best résumé, given that the Gators have a win over the highest-ranked one-loss team and are the only squad with two wins over teams currently ranked in the BlogPoll.

Of course, another bit of BlogPoll beauty is that Alligator Army switched from having Florida State No. 1 for two weeks to having Florida No. 1 now. What partisan idiot would do ... oh, right.

Also recommended: the Tomahawk Nation and Dawg Sports ballot posts, because THEY MAD.