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Florida vs. Jacksonville State: 25 predictions, reviewed like leftovers

Didn't do this earlier this week, so, well, here.


Our 25 predictions for Florida's November cupcake date with the Gamecocks, reviewed.

  1. Florida will score in the first quarter.
    Right. Florida marched the length of the field for its first and only offensive touchdown of the day.
  2. Florida will score first.
    Right. That score made it 7-0.
  3. Florida will lead by 14 points or more at some point in the first half.
    Wrong. Which is sad.
  4. Jacoby Brissett will throw a touchdown pass.
    Wrong. Brissett had a few chances, but didn't connect on those red zone tries.
  5. Brissett will throw for over 200 yards.
    Wrong. Just a tidy 154.
  6. Mike Gillislee will have more than 100 yards.
    Right. Gillislee ran for 127 yards.
  7. Gillislee will have a run of more than 30 yards.
    Right. Gilly's long on the day was a 46-yard scamper.
  8. Matt Jones will have at least eight carries.
    Right. Jones had exactly eight carries, and got an impressive 65 yards on them.
  9. Jordan Reed will catch a touchdown pass.
    Wrong. No one did.
  10. Michael McNeely will catch at least one pass.
    Wrong. McNeely did relentlessly play punt coverage, though.
  11. Omar Hunter will record a sack.
    Wrong. Well, I tried.
  12. Jon Bostic will lead Florida in tackles.
    Wrong. Josh Evans, again.
  13. Matt Elam will have more than five tackles.
    Right. Elam had six tackles on the day.
  14. Florida's secondary will record at least two turnovers.
    Wrong. None for those DBs.
  15. Lerentee McCray will record a sack.
    Wrong. No sacks for the senior last Saturday.
  16. Florida's defensive backs will force at least one turnover.
    Wrong. I guess this sort of duplicates 14? Ah, well.
  17. I will remember at least one Jacksonville State player's name.
    Right. A week later, I remember Washaun Ealey.
  18. Caleb Sturgis will make a field goal of more than 40 yards.
    Right. Sturgis actually made two from that distance.
  19. Kyle Christy will have at least two punts of more than 50 yards.
    Wrong. Christy only had one punt go more than 50 yards in three tries.
  20. I will not regret wearing jeans for the first time since last winter.
    Wrong. I kinda did. But only kinda.
  21. Florida will have a positive turnover margin.
    Right. It was a modest +1, but still.
  22. Florida will never trail.
    Right. Because you can't trail in a shutout.
  23. Florida will win, 31-3.
    Wrong. I wasn't far off.
  24. Attendance will be depressing.
    Right. But only sorta!
  25. Sharrif Floyd and Matt Elam will be introduced with the seniors.
    Wrong. I have no indication whether that happened, but I suspect it didn't because I haven't seen anyone mention that this week.

Last Week: 11-for-25, 44 percent. Season To Date: 126-for-275, 45.8 percent.