Classic Moments In Championship Mode: Florida vs. Florida State

I don't know where it comes from or how it started, but the fact is that Florida fans look at Florida State fans as pure trash. FSU fans look at Florida fans with an inferiority complex, matched only by Texas A&M to Texas.

Florida-Florida State isn't just a football rivalry. This is a rivalry of sophistication and success. Florida is the school with the nationally ranked hospital and the creators of Gatorade. FSU has a circus and Seminole Firewater, which is incredibly racist and a failed product. That hasn't stopped FSU from claiming they invented the formula of water and glucose, despite such products existing since the early 1900s. These people probably also think 9/11 was an inside job and the President was born in Kenya.

Florida has statesmen like Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham, and can claim both Florida senators. FSU has Charlie Crist. As Florida continues to grow and advance, FSU uses their political connections to try to pull Florida down to their level. Of course, FSU is the "flagship" university that spent public tax dollars to defend their cheating, has a professorship controlled by the Koch brothers and puts their anthropology department in a crappy strip mall.

As much as I love my University, I hate Florida State. Tomorrow, I will be filled with such an intense rage that I will ask people to avoid me. I will be in Championship Mode.

Tim Tebow in the slop in the erector set known as Ron Zook Field, is my favorite non-championship game I have attended. It wasn't that Tebow destroyed FSU. It was that he exposed the Old Testament hate that we all wondered if he had. Sitting in the FSU student section that day, because their students did not want to watch their "flagship" university, and watching Tebow destroy the hearts and minds of the low class FSU fans was one of the finest moments in my life.

I don't know what will happen on Saturday. I hope we win, but I am realistic. All I know is that afterwards, I'll still have two degrees from Florida on my wall and not worthless pieces of paper from a circus school.

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