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Florida stays at No. 4 in BCS rankings, assured of BCS bowl berth

Florida didn't budge in the BCS rankings in this week's release. It's a shame we didn't get to troll Georgia.

Al Messerschmidt

Florida takes the No. 4 spot in the just-released BCS rankings for the final week of the 2012 college football regular season.

The Gators didn't make up enough ground on Georgia to move past the Bulldogs for No. 3, despite gaining on No. 4 Oregon in both of the human polls that are part of the BCS formula, but their deficit to the Dawgs is infinitesimal. Florida has a .8882 average in the BCS standings, while Georgia is .0029 ahead at .8911.

To put .0029 in perspective: When Florida squeaked by Michigan to get into the BCS National Championship Game in 2006, it was by .0101.

As noted earlier, this doesn't make a whit of difference to Florida's BCS hopes: The Gators are guaranteed a BCS auto-bid if they finish in the top four and behind an SEC national title game participant, and ... there's no way that doesn't happen.

So, fans, you can probably start looking for New Orleans hotel rooms, and finding room in your budget for Sugar Bowl tickets.