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Florida vs. Missouri Game Thread: Flex on 'em, Gators

Florida should be a lot better than Missouri. The Gators ought to prove it.


Florida's SEC Championship Game dream was derailed last Saturday, when the Gators failed to clinch the SEC East by fumbling away a game against Georgia in Jacksonville. Now, Missouri, which has one SEC win this year, over Kentucky at home, comes to The Swamp, and Florida gets a chance to flex.

Florida has more talent than Missouri. Florida is healthier than Missouri, which will have a banged-up James Franklin taking snaps and throwing passes. Florida is playing before a home crowd that will be loud, if diminished. Florida just doesn't lose to the dregs of the SEC, a category that Mizzou's in for this first year in the conference at least.

I understand the enthusiasm gap. I understand the chances of a letdown, even if I don't think the Gators are particularly susceptible to them. But these Gators are better than these Tigers on all but a few Saturdays if this game is played 100 times, and much better on most of them.

It is time for Florida to flex.