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Florida vs. Missouri: Nothing to see here, move along

Florida survived a lackluster performance, at least ensuring The Swamp remained unblemished in conference play. Good defensive awareness and an arm-punting James Franklin saved the Gators.

Sam Greenwood

There's not a whole lot to say about Florida's 14-7 win over Missouri.

Florida won, and while many said there would be no letdown from the Cocktail Party, it sure seemed as if there was a team-wide malaise, an outbreak of meh. Our Gators put on what I would argue was their flattest performance since the "Players are so angry and heartbroken by Zook's firing that they'll go out and win one for the Zooker!" loss to Georgia in 2004.

It wasn't even an ode to mediocrity. It just ... existed.

The defense got good pressure, but seemed to frequently give up 10-yard passes thanks to a soft zone. Kudos are due to the hands of Matt Elam, et al., but even then, a lot of picks and/or incompletions were thanks more to James Franklin's body being possessed by the spirit of Jacory Harris than anything else. Franklin did a bit of running, but Johnny Football he wasn't. That's good, because with this Gators performance, I think the Aggie Wonder would've had a more successful day.

Offensively, well ... hey, Jeff Driskel broke the 100-yard mark! That's something, right?

Florida should be essentially off the next two weeks, with two cupcakes, Louisiana-Lafayette and Jacksonville State, before the Florida State game. I suppose these are games for healing up, ironing out some wrinkles, and hoping to end what has already been a fantastically successful season with an always-satisfying victory against a chief rival.

Let's be glad we scraped a win out of a dull outing, and keep cheering for the Boys of Old Florida.