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Florida vs. Georgetown: 15 predictions for the battle on the Bataan

What's going to happen when Florida plays the strangest game in program history against Georgetown on the USS Bataan on Friday night? We have some ideas.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

Our 15 predictions for Florida's game against Georgetown tonight on the USS Bataan.

  1. The Gators will start Will Yeguete.
  2. Kenny Boynton will lead Florida in scoring.
  3. Florida will make fewer than 10 three-pointers.
  4. Patric Young will record a double-double.
  5. Michael Frazier will have more than five points.
  6. Boynton will have at least five assists.
  7. Braxton Ogbueze will make at least one nice move with the ball.
  8. Yeguete will have more than one offensive rebound.
  9. Erik Murphy will have at least 10 points and five rebounds.
  10. Young will play more than 28 minutes.
  11. Yeguete will play more than 25 minutes.
  12. Florida will win the turnover battle.
  13. Florida will lead at halftime.
  14. Florida will pull away for a 68-57 win late.
  15. Chanting "It's great! To be! A FLOR-I-DA GA-TOR!" is going to be absolutely surreal on the deck of a Navy vessel.

Yes, I'll be doing these for every Florida basketball game this year, too. Probably only 15 for the big ones, though.