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Chomping at Bits: Come on, Gators, get up and go to New Orleans

Sluggish ticket sales are threatening to become the storyline of Florida's Sugar Bowl matchup with Louisville.

Sam Greenwood

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Florida lagging in Sugar Bowl ticket sales: I just think Florida fans aren't buying $100+ tickets from UF, and that they're gonna show up in NOLA and at the Sugar Bowl itself in droves. But then, I think Florida fans are more savvy and penny-wise than they are fair-weather. (Trey Iles, The Times-Picayune)

After Demarcus Robinson: Apparently James Clark "might commit on the spot" if Florida offers him. So that's a nice back-pocket thing to have. (Zach Abolverdi, Gator Prospectus | The Gainesville Sun)

The value of early enrollment: This is part of why I doubt Florida eases up on Robinson. (Gentry Estes, 247Sports)

David Eckstein, UF graduate: Long, strange trip for the little guy. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

UF among more valuable public schools: The thing that worries me about this is that UF keeps getting written up as a great value even as tuition goes up and state funding gets slashed, which either a) allows for the state to keep slashing funding in a way that further hampers UF's academic mission or b) means that most other state schools are even worse. (Annamaria Andriotis, The Wall Street Journal)

Florida rules modern SEC football: This is just in the divisional era, I think, but that's some dominance. (2012 SEC Composite Standings)

How to get jacked at the gym, bro: Scipio's just a great writer. (Scipio Tex, Barking Carnival)

The best Starter jackets on eBay: This list is pathetic and I could make a better one of just Gators Starter jackets. And might! (Ben Lyon, The Classical)

The story of a man and his concealed-carry gun: You can probably guess where I stand on this issue, and I won't get into it here, but I thought this was a great read. (Dan Baum, Harper's Magazine)

The best music video you'll see today. This is Detroit rapper Danny Brown's "Grown Up." I believe there are cusses in it, but you can watch the video without sound and smile at it.

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