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Florida Football Recruiting: Gators Score 2013 Commitment From James Hearns

Will Muschamp repurposed what I think is a hoary metaphor about shaving ("______ is kind of like shaving: If you don't do it every day, you're gonna look ______") to refer to Florida's recruiting efforts last May. Given the work he's doing to shore up Florida's Class of 2013 one day after National Signing Day 2012, I'd say he lives by it, too: Tallahassee Lincoln prospect James Hearns has committed to Florida, as first reported by Gator Country's Andrew Spivey bringing the Gators' Class of 2013 to four names.

Hearns stands 6'3" and weighs 237 pounds, and is considered one of the finest linebacker prospects in Florida for 2013 — Daniel McMillian is be one of the few players who is rated better — and should be a four-star prospect when those lazy recruiting services move on from the ancient history that was the 2012 recruiting cycle and put together their 2013 rankings. Hearns could also help open up a valuable pipeline to Lincoln, a traditional Florida high school power in Florida State's backyard that is home to a couple more excellent 2013 players. (Gators great Jacquez Green being Lincoln's offensive coordinator probably helps, too.)

Hearns joins McMillian, Adam Lane, and Caleb Brantley in Florida's Class of 2013. Tell me, Gators fans: Does this soothe the sting of a disappointing National Signing Day?