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Florida Vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread: Gators Looking For Rhythm In Nashville


I don't know that there are many Florida fans expecting the beat-up and downtrodden Gators to march into Memorial Gym on Tuesday night and emerge with a win over a Vanderbilt team that has the size to bully Florida inside and the shooters to hang with the Gators if they get hot. But this is about more than just a road win, and the positioning in the SEC Tournament seeding that could come with it.

Tonight, the Gators are searching for their rhythm, their joie de vivre, their soul. Let's hope they find it.

Tipoff Time

9:00 p.m. Eastern

TV, Radio and Streaming Information

The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN. You can also watch it streaming online or on your mobile device of choice through Watch ESPN. The radio broadcast will also be available on the Gator Radio Network.

What to Watch For

Bradley Beal has been Florida's best and most consistent player in SEC play. With Kenny Boynton likely assigned to John Jenkins and Will Yeguete gone for the season, Beal may have to be Florida's best option on offense and guard Vanderbilt's fantastic Jeffery Taylor. Few taller orders exist, but few freshmen have ever been near where Beal is.

Game Thread Guidelines

Try to remember that, despite how emotional watching a Gators game can be, there's no reason to be abusive. Rant, curse, or exult if you must, but keep the personal attacks to a minimum.

Furthermore, and I will stress this until I am blue in the face or until FlaGators admits that I'm right, comments with both a subject line and text are much easier to read when scrolling through a thread. Try to keep that in mind.