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Chomping At Bits: Are Florida Gators Worried About Postseason?

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Should Gators be worried about postseason?: Just allow me to be the first to say that I agree with Rachel George here. Wait, I'm pretty sure we all said as much in the comments (and the recap) during the Vanderbilt game. (Rachel George, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

Donovan really likes Anthony Davis: Billy Donovan thinks that Kentucky's all-world player Anthony Davis is one of the greatest college basketball players of the last 20-25 years. I'll admit that I've only watched Davis play once this year (yes, it was against the Gators), but I hear and read things. Seems to be a lot of this talk. (Kyle Tucker, The Courier-Journal)

Gators announce pro-day schedule: Unlike many of the football activities that the Gators have, this is open to public and free. Of course it kind of always is, right? I do have a request for those who are going though. If you should happen to see a Washington Redskins scout there, if you could tell him (or her) that FlaGators approves a trade-up for RGIII it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Gatorzone)

Restrict a four-team playoff?: We talked a lot about this in yesterday's Chomping At Bits, and it appears that along with myself, only SC-Gator and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott are the only ones who think that only those teams who win their conference should play for the national championship. (Chris Low, SEC Blog/ESPN)

SEC athletic directors meet to talk schedules: They are meeting to discuss future schedules in Nashville this week and in New Orleans next week. Eight conference games or nine, what's your poison? (John Pennington, MrSEC)

SEC leads the way with TV viewers: In football the SEC is king. But we already knew that. In basketball they are 3rd (behind the Big 10 and ACC) but when you combine the numbers, the SEC is still on top. (John Pennington, MrSEC)

Missouri wants to "host" SEC basketball tournament: Clearly we are talking about St. Louis here. Yeah, you're going to have to wait your turn Mike Alden. Remember, you're the new guy in town and just like Texas A&M and their seating arrangements at football games, show us what you can do first. Then we'll talk. (Vahe Gregoria, Tiger Tracker/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

OT Max Garcia given full release by Maryland: Even though he has to miss the 2012 season (per NCAA transfer rules) he's got offers from Florida, Georgia and Ole Miss. I have my doubts as to whether or not the Gators can actually sign him, but it would be nice if they could. (The Post and Courier)

Panthers interested in Janoris Jenkins: I mean, I guess that would be fun for him playing with Cam Newton. They would have plenty of things to talk about. Like how to not get into trouble at Florida. Wait, wrong people. (Bill Hanstock, SB Nation)

Close losses helping women's basketball: "Frustrating that we've let so many slip away. Confident that we can play with anyone in the country," - Jordan Jones. Yeah, the Gators are finally building a competitive basketball team on the women's side. Finally. (Rachel George, Orlando Sentinel)

Women's tennis wins 99th consecutive home match: Didn't know about this until now. This is awesome! (Eli Marger, The Independent Florida Alligator)

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