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VIDEO, GIF: Florida's Casey Prather Dunks, Baptizes Kentucky's Kyle Wiltjer

Casey Prather has been one of the biggest disappointments for Florida in the 2011-12 college basketball season. He's tremendously athletic, but has been a disaster when given a chance to do anything on offense, to the point that I cringe literally every time he touches the ball. Against Kentucky on this Saturday, he got the ball, drove in, and threw down the most vicious dunk the Gators have produced this season.

Prather's dunk on Kyle Wiltjer was so hellacious and unexpected that I can barely believe it happened, but it's good enough to qualify for posters, videos, and "Hallelujah" choir soundtracks. And it's even better in GIF form.



Prather's dunk has been the high point of a sparkling first half for Florida against the No. 1 Wildcats. Pushing pace and making sound decisions gave Florida a lead that stretched into double digits at times, and the Gators certainly look hungry enough to pull the upset of their season.