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Florida Baseball Vs. Florida State Game Thread: Gators Get Their Measuring Stick

Florida FAU Baseball
Florida FAU Baseball

Florida's baseball team is regarded as the nation's best. But the No. 1 Gators haven't played a team quite as good — or as deeply lodged in their heads — as No. 6 Florida State. Can UF kickoff the Sunshine State series with a win in Gainesville tonight?

First Pitch

7:00 p.m. Eastern

TV, Radio and Streaming Information

The game won't be on TV, but in a cool, one-time deal, you can also watch Florida baseball streaming online in HD via GatorVision for free by going to GatorZone and following the directions for signing up. The radio broadcast will also be available on the Gator Radio Network.

What to Watch For

Will the 'Noles use fewer than 12 pitchers? Will the game end early enough for me to get to my 10 p.m. trivia night on time? I'm pretty sure the answer to both questions is "LOL NOPE."

Game Thread Guidelines

Try to remember that, despite how emotional watching a Gators game can be, there's no reason to be abusive. Rant, curse, or exult if you must, but keep the personal attacks to a minimum.