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Alligator Army NCAA Tournament Pick'Em: Do You Take The Gators Or Pick The Best Bracket?

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I have a question: Do you pick against Florida if it's in the best interest of your bracket?

It probably won't be a problem this year for very long, barring a Florida upset of Missouri — which I'll be picking against in both the newly-minted Alligator Army Pick'Em and the SB Nation Wisdom of Crowds pool, both of which you should join to prove that you know a lot more about college basketball than I do — but I'm curious. I know I picked Florida to cut down the nets in my 2007 bracket, and I think I had the Gators in the Elite Eight last year because I thought the draw set up beautifully for them, but my philosophy when filling out brackets is "Pick the team you think will win," not "Pick the team you want to win."

I want to know whether I'm alone on that, and so here is a poll to that effect.

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