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Florida Vs. Norfolk State: Gators Want Return Trip To Sweet Sixteen

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Norfolk State shocked the world by upsetting Missouri in its first-ever NCAA Tournament game. The Spartans could become the first-ever No. 15 seed in the Sweet Sixteen with an upset of Florida. And the Gators are well aware of both of those things, and fully ready to shatter Cinderella's slipper, just like they did George Mason's in 2006.

Tipoff Time

6:10 p.m. Eastern

TV, Radio and Streaming Information

The game will be broadcast nationally on TNT. You can also watch it streaming online at or through the March Madness Live app. The radio broadcast will also be available on Sportsradio 850.

What to Watch For

We reviewed the three things that will be key for Florida to do and not do.

Game Thread Guidelines

Try to remember that, despite how emotional watching a Gators game can be, there's no reason to be abusive. Rant, curse, or exult if you must, but keep the personal attacks to a minimum.