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Erving Walker Arrested For Stealing Taco, Apparently


I can't touch Thomas Goldkamp's lead for the story of Erving Walker being arrested for allegedly stealing a taco from a street vendor at 1 a.m. Friday morning, so I won't even try.

Erving Walker wanted a taco.

Walker then took that taco (value: $3), left without paying, and was caught two blocks away after the arresting officer noticed him booking it and sought the aid of other authorities, according to a Gainesville Police Department report that also says "several marked patrol vehicles" were involved. Walker was charged with petit theft and resisting arrest without violence, and has a court date set for April 19.

Walker had previously been arrested for resisting arrest without violence in September 2008, but received deferred prosecution for that incident in early 2009. (And, honestly? I had forgotten about that entirely.)

But Walker taking off with a taco from a street vendor mere days after finishing his Florida career, if true, is the sort of thing that is destined to be Internet legend, the sort of think you chuckle while shaking your head about for years to come. It's funny, and the product of a moment of spectacular dumbness: That kinda fits Erv, doesn't it?

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The price of gas in Gainesville is currently hovering around $4 a gallon for regular. Comparatively, a taco is cheap.