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Chomping At Bits: Mike Bianchi Takes On Kentucky 'Childcats' With Spectacularly Awful Column


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Ruining Erving Walker's Senior Day by trolling Kentucky about being good: I know I advised you all to avoid this column last night, and I really don't want you to go read it now, because I've got the synopsis — Kentucky has a lot of really good underclassmen, and they screwed up what should have been a celebration of Walker's consistent production and interest in doing it some nebulous "right way" — and the response: One cannot blame John Calipari for recruiting great players and getting them to play well any more than one can blame a rich person for taking advantage of tax loopholes.

What Calipari and Kentucky do isn't bad, per se; the rule that allows Cal to do what he does might be. But Bianchi doesn't attack that, instead calling Cal a "baby-daddy" and taking a shot at his "glorified AAU squad" in a column with a light dusting of race-baiting (y'all know that I'm pretty sensitive to that, but I'm gonna say that Bianchi knows as well as I do what most people think of when they think of college players not getting degrees, "baby-daddy," and "AAU squads," and that he's writing in code for a reason) and a sugary "I should've written this a year ago but Kentucky wasn't this good and Florida beat the 'Cats at home" shell. If you need to have your assumption that the one-and-done rule is "bad" reaffirmed, feel free to read Bianchi's column; if you like logic and good writing, avoid it. (Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel)

Kentucky blog unimpressed by Bianchi: Oh, and "Childcats" is very, very dumb. (Greg Alan Edwards, A Sea Of Blue)

Walker's short memory: Really enjoyed this piece from Bourbon Meyer on how Erv's demeanor has helped make him great. (The Franchise, Bourbon Meyer)

Florida finds post game: This is the most promising development from Sunday. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Bradley Beal hurt: He left the court in the second half with an ankle injury, but I doubt there's anything serious enough to keep him out of SEC Tournament action. (Rachel George, Swamp Things | Orlando Sentinel)

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