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Poll: How Would You Seed Florida Basketball For The 2012 NCAA Tournament?


As the regular season ends in college basketball, our thoughts logically turn to the postseason. And despite a late-season swoon, Florida's a No. 5 seed as of Monday morning according to SB Nation's Blogging the Bracket. The Gators are No. 20 in those rankings, though, and thus at the bottom of the "S-curve," or the snake draft-like hierarchy of teams that the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee uses to determine which teams are headed where on Selection Sunday.

That's either about right or a little high for the Gators (Sports Illustrated's Andy Glockner has Florida on the No. 6 line, but in Kansas' bracket, which would likely be the No. 22 spot on his S-curve), as their 22-9 record has surprisingly few quality wins — wins over Florida State, Vanderbilt, and Alabama are the only three against likely NCAA Tournament teams — and is larded with 18 wins in the state of Florida. The Gators are a good team, as I explained yesterday, but their record doesn't quite prove that.

And so I ask you this: What seed would you give Florida if were putting the Gators in the NCAA Tournament today?