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VIDEO: Patric Young Working Out Is Part Of Why Florida Basketball Is Fantastic

If you follow Patric Young on Twitter, you know he's been whining (good-natured whining is still whining) about Florida basketball's offseason workouts, which have sounded like hellish stuff in his brief descriptions. Thanks to someone filming those workouts, we now have confirmation that Florida's basketball team is doing really difficult training things on Fridays this offseason. Big Pat demonstrates the grind.

That's comforting in some ways, because Young, he of the physique that brings on drinking game-worthy quantities of on-air references, is clearly not just resting on his laurels after a season that featured occasional flashes of brilliance. If he's going to dedicate himself like this to training like this, there's a pretty good chance, in my mind, that he'll be better for it on the court.

But the thing I like most about the basketball team's training regimen isn't that we get videos sure to make all of the Pat-loving fans (they're legion, trust me) swoon: it's that Erik Murphy, the team's senior in the frontcourt, is sending little tweets of encouragement, which strike me as the sorts of things a leader does. It's hard to believe that the guy who was arrested for burglary almost exactly a year ago could be Florida's leader in 2012-13, but I'm more and more convinced that's what will happen