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Gators Past And Future Throw Down: Joakim Noah, Kasey Hill Dunk Videos

Joakim Noah is one of seven Florida Gators (Noah with the Chicago Bulls, Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem with the Miami Heat, the injured Al Horford with the Atlanta Hawks, Corey Brewer with the Denver Nuggets, Matt Bonner with the San Antonio Spurs, Marreese Speights with the Memphis Grizzlies) taking part in the 2012 NBA playoffs, and he's also probably the best, unless Horford can return at full strength. So it's nice to see him making highlights like this dunk on Spencer Hawes happen.

Noah's going to have to shoulder more of the load in Chicago with Derrick Rose out for the rest of the playoffs with a torn ACL.

But Noah's dunk was not the biggest slam of the weekend by a Gator. That belonged to Kasey Hill, not technically anything but a Florida verbal commit as of yet, and came on a dunk that didn't technically happen this weekend (it's from Friday, at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, with Hill's Florida Rams AAU team, I believe), and it's really technically a travel, but...

...I'd be lying if I said Hill dunking on some fool and then Gator Chomping didn't make me smile broadly.