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A.C. Leonard Pleads No Contest To Battery Charge, Sentenced to Six Months of Probation

We still only have one photo of A.C. Leonard.
We still only have one photo of A.C. Leonard.

Florida tight end A.C. Leonard plead no contest to his misdemeanor charge of simple domestic battery in a Gainesville court on Wednesday, the Orlando Sentinel's Rachel George reports.

Leonard will have to complete six months of probation, pay fines and court costs, open his medical records to the state attorney's office, have no contact with the victim — reportedly, his girlfriend of 17 months, who he was cohabitating with at the time of the incident — and continue anger management counseling.

Leonard's lawyer was, of course, Huntley Johnson. He's spinning things.

"It was the best resolution for all concerned," said Huntley Johnson, Leonard's attorney. "For him and took the victim's situation into consideration as well."

Leonard, a sophomore, returned to practice with Florida last week, days before the misdemeanor battery charge was filed against him. In explaining his decision to let Leonard return to practice, Florida coach Will Muschamp said "I felt like he's done the things that I've asked him to do from the standpoint of the measures that I took with him to this point."

Leonard's status for Saturday's Orange and Blue Debut, the Gators' spring game, and the fall football season is still unclear.