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Watch SB Nation's YouTube Channel For Erving Walker's Taco Caper And More

It's going to be quiet around these parts in the next few days, thanks to finals, but Alligator Army is but one small part of the SB Nation network, and while we're in some of the less busy portions of the Gators sports calendar, it makes sense to take the time to encourage you fine folks to check out SB Nation's YouTube channel.

That's where you get things like Bomani & Jones, from Bomani Jones, which took on Erving Walker's taco thievery a while back. (That portion of this show starts at 4:14, but the first segment may be interesting to y'all, too: it's about underclassmen jumping to the NBA.)

There's also Shutdown Fullback, which has been described as "simultaneously a college football talk show and unintentional postmodern art project," and the great work of Amy K. Nelson on Full Nelson, which will probably make you hungry, or make you mad at Duke and UNC fans.

The SB Nation YouTube channel is "an extension of our brand" or something, but it's also just a different venue for the humor, expert analysis, weirdness, GIFs, and incredible storytelling that you've come to expect from SB Nation, in the form of over 30 new original videos every single week. I don't expect you to like everything on the channel. But I defy you to try everything and not find something you like.