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Chomping At Bits: Florida Baseball Has A "Call Me Maybe" Video Now

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Florida baseball does "Call Me Maybe": Not as good as Harvard baseball's initial viral video, and not objectively good — because these choreographed "dance" routines don't impress me much like Shania — but the surprise midway through it is awesome. Hudson Randall on lead lip-sync, front row left-to-right is Casey Turgeon, Nolan Fontana, Vikash Ramjit, Brian Johnson, second row is Preston Tucker and Mike Zunino, Austin Maddox is in the last row, and Keenan Kish ... kinda shows up.

More reason to like Marqui Hawkins: "He is a consensus three-star recruit, but has been heating up of late, with other offers including Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and USC. If those offers are legitimate, expect Hawkins to soon be a four-star recruit." (Bud Elliott, SB Nation)

Will Hill signs with Giants: As someone noted to me on Twitter: It only took a year and another guy breaking his leg for Hill to get his NFL shot. (Adam Silverstein, Only Gators)

Did ESPN lose its way? Here is a compelling case in slideshow form. (Sean Evans, Complex)

Greg McGarity, Georgia's Jeremy Foley disciple: The Georgia AD's 18 years under Foley inform his decision-making. (Chip Towers, UGA Sports | Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The history of West Virginia's logo: Nothing to do with Florida, but this is in an interesting read. (Jake Stump, West Virginia University Alumni Magazine)

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