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Will Kasey Hill Be Billy Donovan's Best Recruit Ever?

Chances are, Billy D won't have to make that face at Kasey Hill very often.
Chances are, Billy D won't have to make that face at Kasey Hill very often.

You probably know that Kasey Hill, the lightning-quick point guard who will be the cornerstone of Florida's 2013 recruiting class, is likely to be one of the highest-rated recruits Billy Donovan has ever gotten for the Gators. But what you might not know is that Hill's star, already high in the firmament, is still on the rise.

Scout just released a new top 100 for the Class of 2013, and Hill's fifth on it. But the recruiting service is also calling its top eight an "Elite Eight" for that group's program-changing potential, and is including Hill in that praise. (Florida target Chris Walker is one spot behind Hill at sixth, and also listed in the "Elite Eight.") Brian Snow writes:

Hill and (Kevin) Young both have exploded in the last few months. Hill led his Montverde Academy team to a great showing at the NPSI in March, and hasn’t slowed down as a member of the Florida Rams. He went from a solid five-star player to one of the best in the class due to his play.

And Hill drew laurels from ESPN's Dave Telep ($) recently, too. Telep named him the best player he saw at the adidas VIP Run, and had more than that to say:

The most improved player I’ve seen? That would be point guard Kasey Hill. He’s refined his approach to the point guard slot and in my mind, become an elite player and impact recruit. There’s a difference between being highly rated and being an impact signee. He’s the best point guard Billy Donovan has ever recruited.

Great player, and still improving? This all sounds really good! So vote in our absurdly premature poll to tell us whether Hill will be Donovan's finest recruit ever, and tell me who I'm slighting (yes, Bradley Beal is in the poll for a reason) in the comments.