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Tim Tebow Is Back At Florida In NCAA Football 13, Sort Of

Want to get into the (fantastic) NCAA Football series, but can't because Florida isn't as good as it was in the halcyon days of 2009? Congratulations: You are like Robert Griffin III in one small way, and NCAA Football 13 is going to rectify your problem by letting you play as Tim Tebow.

Tebow's one of a slew of Heisman Trophy winners in the game who players will apparently be able to control and drop onto any team in the game, meaning that you will probably be able to play with Tebow at the helm of Will Muschamp's (er, Florida Coach's) 2012 Gators and that Alabama fans will be able to figure out what might have been with Tebow in crimson and white.

Fortunately for our psychic health, the trailer above doesn't show Tebow in any uniform but Florida's — Florida State's Charlie Ward shows up in Gators garb, which, ha. Unfortunately for those of you who now want NCAA 13 and Tebow (it's out July 10), he's one of three players who is available as GameStop pre-order bonus content, meaning that you will have to get the game through GameStop to get Tebow ... or, likely, shell out for him as downloadable content.