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Chomping At Bits: Where Does Florida Play Trey Burton?

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Trey Burton, man without a position: How do you think the Gators should use him? (The Bull Gator, The Bull Gator)

Steve Kerr's case for the 20-year-old NBA age limit: There are a lot of holes in this argument, but it's the first part of a debate that will last a while. (Steve Kerr, Grantland)

More on Charles Eric Waugh: How did the Ohio State fan base react? (Ramzy Nasrallah, Eleven Warriors)

Mike Leach does Reddit AmA: And it's great. (Mike Leach, /r/cfb | Reddit)

Counterfactual college football involving Steve Bartman: Which, amazingly, misses the major Nick Saban ramifications. Still entertaining. (DisraeliEers, /r/cfb | Reddit)

SEC selling football ads: The SEC is doing just fine. (Jon Lafayette, Broadcasting & Cable)

Nerlens Noel's high school gets NCAA visit: This is not as big a story as you think — Noel's high school journey was weird, and deserves a little scrutiny — and it's unlikely that Noel will have any eligibility problems related to his high school. His grades, on the other hand? (Pete Thamel, The New York Times)

Stuff to think about when you think about Kate Upton: There is a picture of Kate Upton at that link! You should read the words. (Kate Perkins and Jessica Danielle, The Classical)

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